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Visual identity and logo design

Monday, 19 October 2009 14:27   

How is your company perceived?

Logo dizajn i vizualni identitetVisual identity represents impression one company makes with its logo, web site, business card, brochure, memorandum, newsletter, envelope, posters, painted cars, business premises, info pylon - totem, advertisement materials and many others. Logo can be singled out as the most important part of the visual identity although not the only one.

Visual identity is not something you choose to have or not, it comes by itself. However, good news is you have several options regarding visual identity. You can choose to disregard it, to develop it or to manage your visual identity in order for it to become a valuable part of your company.

Sign, symbol, logo, logotype, brand...?

Which of this words and when are accurate to use?
To put it simple, logo is a part of visual identity which only includes letters whereas sign represents visual solution which uses some of the many graphic elements (illustration, icon, photography, drawing...). You can also combine sign and logo.

In addition to web site development Metuzalem offers logo creation & redesign as well as addressing other elements of visual identity.

Visual identity includes:

  • graphic designGrafički dizajn
  • brand development
  • logo design
  • business card design
  • memorandum design
  • envelope design
  • e-mail signature design
  • catalog design
  • word template design
  • power point template design
  • logo protection

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