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O Metuzalemu iz medija - press

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 12:11   
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Bug (09.02.2009),

Metuzalem d.o.o. bavi se izradom web-stranica, a na Internetu su se predstavili ovom vrlo zanimljivom stranicom, gdje je cijeli web-site smješten na jednu dugačku, grafički vrlo bogatu stranicu, dok se preko izbornika skrola na druge dijelove te stranice.

CSS Imagine Team (09.02.2009),

Dear Tajana Mrazovic:
Great news! We loved your design of, and decided to not waste a second more and added it to CSS Imagine! Great job! Be sure to view your place in the gallery, and send all your friends to rate your site and pad your stats!
Oh yeah, and since you've proven how much of a website design god you are, submit again and again!
You pretty much rock our faces off!
CSS Imagine Team

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CSS Snam (11.02.2009.),

CSS Orgy (11.02.2009.),

RGB Garden (11.02.2009.),

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One per day (20.02.2009.),


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