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Klijent: Hemco d.o.o.



Naša znanja: CMS portal, animacije slika, SEO, tražilica, video, pra?enje posjeta

Godina: 2010.

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Klijent: Metuzalem d.o.o.



Naša znanja: CMS portal, baza, CSS, SEO, komentari, ocjenjivanje, twitter, korisni?ka zona, analytics

Godina: redizajn 2009. (prije)

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Print design

Monday, 26 October 2009 17:44   
How attractive are your printed or promotional materials?

Graphic design is a type of art which includes combination of press, illustration and photography with a purpose to communicate certain idea or message in order to inform, persuade or educate particular group of people.

Recently graphic design combines some of the ''newer'' means of communication like movies, short video clips or multimedia. Although graphic design is mainly oriented on two dimensional projects it doesn't necessarily exclude dealing with three dimensional objects (packaging products, industrial design, exhibit space design and even architecture).

Shaping of different forms requires creativity and know-how regarding different styles (in recent past graphic designers were educated artists).

There are two main traits that differentiate graphic design from art:

  • message must be shaped in such a way that the targeted audience has no problems in recognizing it
  • graphic designer must take implementation into account.


  • brochure design
  • Grafi?ki dizajn
  • flier design
  • poster design
  • business card design
  • memorandum design
  • envelope design
  • design of business files
  • catalog design
  • book cover design
  • clothes design
  • design on products
  • vehicle painting

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